Download Wire Freeware

Free Wire Article Service  v.1

Free Article and Press Release Circulation backed by an industry leading wire service. Visit

Lime Wire  v.2008 4.18.8

Download unlimited mp3s, movies, videos, music, games, applications, ebooks and more! Written in the Java programming language, LimeWire is able to run on any computer with Java Virtual Machine installed. Installers are provided

Alive Wire RSS Screensaver  v.0.1

Alive Wire RSS Screensaver will display rss news feed articles from

1-wire Temperature Controller  v.1.0

The Temperature Controller Software is a java application built to get temperature readings from a 1-wire temperature sensor and turn on or off power to a heater (heating mat) to maintain temperature. sells the hardware

Wire expansion  v.1.0

Program to calculate the thermal expansion of a wire due to resistive heating by an electrical current.

PIC 1-wire slave (SHT1x, SHT2x support)  v.1.0

1-wire slave for PIC microcontrollers. Supports SHT1x and SHT2x Sensirion humidity sensors. Programmed in C for PIC16F84A

J/Wire  v.1.0

J/Wire is a simple way to wire together Java systems. It is not a framework, rather it is a library which provides factories that support object creation, decoration, interception, and mixin programming.

One-Wire Weather For Linux  v.0.84.0

Oww (One-Wire Weather) is a server and client for Dallas Semiconductor / AAG 1-wire weather station kits.

Wire Worm  v.5.7

Photoshop compatible plugin to remove wires and other unwanted objects from images

Wire Pilot Plugin  v.1.00 Free

Photo retouching plugin removes wires and other unwanted linear objects

Wire Pilot Lite  v.2.2

Remove wires and other unwanted linear objects to enhance the outdoor scenes.

Net Wire  v.1.0

Windows Phone game based on popular NetWalk and Branch games.

Home automation server one wire  v.1.0

Home Automation Server onewire is a small Server witch is able to interact with a onewire Network. With an simple XML-File you are able to configure the functionality of the ow-devices. Furthermore you can query server by a simple terminal like telnet.

Email Notification  v.0.1.1115.25 Alpha

Email Notification is a handy wrapper, developed in C#.NET, that makes it easier for .NET developers to wire up emails using fluent configuration. You'll no longer have to manually setup the email service and handle possible exceptions. Email

3WIRE  v.1.0

Calculates the best wire size and measurement over wires when using the three wire method to check the pitch diameter of a thread.

Hose Clamp Helper  v.1.0

Locate wire,stainless, heavy duty, spring, light duty, small, radiator hose clamps of all sizes with ease

NFF 3D File Viewer  v.1

Description: This is a program I wrote in 3 weeks for a Computer Graphics course. It parses the now deprecated NFF 3D scene description files. It supports only wire frame and flat shaded monochromatic renders. Since there are plenty of great 3D model

Voltage Drop Calculator  v.2.01

Voltage Drop Calculator 2.01 is designed to effectively calculate Amperage, Distance, Wire Size or Voltage

SOS - Voltage Drop Calculator  v.2.2

Calculate Amperage, Distance, Wire Size or Voltage Drop. American & Metric measurements & wire sizes.

JSoundCard  v.0.4

JSoundCard is a handy, easy to use tool specially designed to make generating and receiving realtime audio as easy as a loop that uses numbers from -1 to 1 for the amount of electricity that should be in the speaker/microphone wire at that time.

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